About New Cold Order

Originally born in the San Gabriel Valley, Johnny better known as New Cold Order has been taking photographs since receiving his first camera as a gift from is older brother.Growing up skateboarding we always had cameras around and I loved the idea of reminiscing on those photos later...

Johnny's work is notable for lively sense of color and light, and style. My favorite kind of work photography is fashion photography for both editorial publications and commercial brands. For fun I like to roam busy streets and do street photography.

Having photographed many different people in varies of styles in studio, on location,unwanted I'm equally as comfortable with families, including adults, babies, pets,plants,products whatever you need!

Being a skateboarder and music enthusiast and dj,ive had great run ins and opportunities to catch some amazing moments in time. Photography and drive has brought me to where I am today.  Im currently focusing my time between Los Angeles and New York City.

I also have a small zine I drop from time to time called 

"Parallel to Hell". Mainly street photography or odd things I see, cool things me and people around me do, things like that.


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